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      We’ve thought of everything

      Diagnostics. Optimized settings. Improved security. We’ve got you covered.

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      Simplify IT

      Simplify IT

      Simplify IT
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      Boost Productivity

      Boost Productivity

      Boost Productivity
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      Seamless Security

      Seamless Security

      Seamless Security
      Reduce IT maintenance costs

      Reduce IT maintenance costs

      System Health and Support
      With Vantage, any employee can run safe hardware scans and update to the latest drivers to keep their device running smoothly, reducing the burden on your IT team. Keep your entire team empowered.
      Optimize PC settings for work environments

      Optimize PC settings for work environments

      Hardware Settings
      Vantage supports a number of innovative features aimed at business users. From intelligent cooling, to managing blue light reduction in the display that can help reduce eye fatigue. You can even adjust the Dolby? speaker setup and built-in microphones for the perfect meeting experience.
      Robust protection from intruders

      Robust protection from intruders

      Security Advisor
      Lenovo understands online threats are a major concern for growing businesses. That's why we’ve brought together some of the most renowned security tools for you! With Intel? Online Connect, two-factor authentication is simple. SurfEasy VPN protects your online identity, while McAfee LiveSafe? brings industry leading protection against viruses and malware. Fed up remembering all those passwords? Then use Dashlane? password manager.
      Help your business grow

      Help your business grow

      Lenovo Vantage for SMB is Free
      Launch Lenovo Vantage and select “For Home and Office Use” to access all of the features available for SMB users.
      Lenovo Business Devices

      V Series

      Purposeful simplicity to get the job done

      • Work and play better
      • Put it through the ringer—we did
      • Professional, contemporary style

      ThinkPad X1 Family

      Thin & light productivity tools

      • Our most premium laptops
      • 14", 13", and 12" Options
      • 360-degree hinge and tradtional laptops

      ThinkPad E Series

      Affordable small business laptops

      • Intel and AMD processor options available
      • Lightweight and economical
      • 14" display under 5 lbs or 15" display with number pad keyboard
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