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      High Performance Computing (HPC)

      High Performance Computing (HPC)

      Whatever your aspirations or business goals, we can help you leverage the power of supercomputing to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges.


      Solving humanity's greatest challenges with HPC

      Breakthroughs in computing systems have made it possible to tackle immense obstacles in simulation. We're advancing our understanding of the world and universe at an exponential rate. 

      We're using supercomputers everywhere - from car and airplane design, oil field exploration, financial risk assessment, genome mapping to weather forecasting and essential research.

      According to the Top500.org, we're the number-one supercomputer provider - including of some of the most sophisticated supercomputers in the world. With industry leading technology and global HPC architects and experts, we take a customer-centric approach to provide the HPC solutions that best meet your needs.

      The most trusted data center provider

      • Number-one Supercomputer provider in the world according to Top500.org 
      • Award winning HPC solutions including ISC Vendor Showdown and multiple HPCWire Awards 
      • #1 in customer satisfaction, #1 in reliability for x86 and a leader in performance benchmarks 


      We meet your organization right where you are, to provide exactly what you need to reach and exceed your business goals.

      Customer-centric approach

      Your business has unique needs and requirements. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor HPC solutions to your workload, workflow, and workforce. And with Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI), we deliver custom rack level solutions, too.

      Optimal and reliable solutions

      We work closely with our industry partners from development, testing, and certification to manufacturing, integration, and deployment to ensure the best possible operation at your site.

      Leading the industry in sustainable supercomputing

      Our holistic approach to energy efficiency encompasses hardware, software, and infrastructure. With our processes, you can save up to 40% energy compared to a traditional air-cooled data center.


      Gain exclusive access to resources from our HPC architects, benchmarking experts, partners and customers.


      Case Study

      Keeping Malaysians safe with better forecasts

      With more accurate storm detection powered by a new Lenovo supercomputer, the Malaysian Meteorological Department can keep citizens more informed. 

      Read more

      Case Study

      Powering research for a better world

      Researchers from around Europe flock to the MareNostrum 4 - the most powerful supercomputer of its time, and one of the most energy-efficient on the continent.

      Case Study

      Helping the wind-energy industry thrive

      Vestas, the global leader in wind energy, leveraged Lenovo to support game-changing big data analytics and improve their customers' clean energy business.

      Neptune Liquid Cooling


      Lenovo NeptuneTM liquid cooling technologies

      In the late 1970's and early 1980's, "big iron" in datacenters had to have water cooling, which was a challenge in terms of system and facilities engineering. A lot has changed since then.

      Pushing Super computing Forward

      Press Release

      Pushing supercomputing forward

      "We are motivated every day by the scientists and their groundbreaking research as we work together to solve humanity's greatest challenges." Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Data Center Group

      Solving Humanitarian Challenges

      Press Release

      Efficiently solving critical humanitarian challenges

      One of our newest supercomputers supports LRZ in its groundbreaking research across scientific disciplines, including astrophysics, fluid dynamics and life sciences with industry-leading technology optimized to address the broad range of scientific computing applications.


      Intel Xeon Platinum

      ThinkSystem servers powered by Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors


      Lenovo NeptuneTM Liquid Cooling Technologies

      Embodying our holistic view of liquid-based cooling, this approach utilizes multiple liquid-based cooling technologies that efficiently extract heat.

      Learn more
      Product DSS-G

      Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM? Spectrum ScaleTM (DSS-G)

      A Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution for dense scalable file and object storage suitable for high-performance and data-intensive environments. 

      Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI)

      Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI)

      A fulfillment framework for designing, manufacturing, integrating, and delivering data center solutions, with a focus on High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) environments.


      Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

      Solutions Services

      Solution Services

      Design the best strategy for your enterprise. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your unique business needs.

      Implementation Services

      Implementation Services

      Accelerate your time to productivity. We'll help you streamline implementation of new technologies so you can focus on your business. 

      Support services

      Support Services

      Safeguard your IT investment. Our experts are standing by to help, around the world and around the clock - 24/7/365.

      Truscale Infrastructure Services

      TruScale Infrastructure Services

      Enhance your ability to scale your IT hardware, software and support capabilities as your rapidly changing infrastructure needs evolve.

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