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      From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

      Maximize your ROI with award-winning services that ensure you have the best solution for every stage of your IT lifecycle.

      Our expert consultants and technicians have extensive industry experience and deep technical expertise to help you transform your data center into a resilient, future-ready IT foundation designed to meet increasingly-complex business requirements.

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      Solution Services

      Solution Services

      From the simple to the complex, our experts work with you to find the right solution for your one-of-a-kind strategic and business needs.

      Implementation Services

      Implementation Services

      Accelerate time to productivity so you can focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business.

      Support Services

      Support Services

      Around the world and around the clock, our experts are standing by 24x7 to safeguard your IT investment.

      TruScale Infrastructure Services

      TruScale Infrastructure Services

      Cloud-like flexibility with the power and security of an on-premises solution.

      Making a difference in the data center

      Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860

      Data Center Premier Support

      Take the complexity out of supporting today’s demanding data center environments. Worldwide Premier Support service covers Lenovo data center products ranging from ThinkAgile software-defined infrastructure solutions to ThinkSystem servers, storage, and networking.

      • Processor
      • Operating System
      • Display
      • Memory
      • Battery Life
      • Weight
      • Tackle your most complex challenges
        Lenovo Services professionals with experience in technology solutions can help with design and architecture, assessments, power and cooling, and more.
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      • Factory installation services
        Accelerate deployment time and reduce risk by relying on experienced installation and testing technicians.
        Learn more
      • Let the Lenovo experts deploy your equipment and keep it running
        You can focus on the business with assistance with installation, health checks, and deployment.
        Learn more
      • Protect your technology investment
        Lenovo offers warranty upgrades, technical support, enterprise software support, and additional services to support your systems.
        Learn more
      • Enhance high availability through preventative maintenance
        Experienced Lenovo consultants will perform a thorough assessment to help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in your data center.
        Learn more
      • Dispose of retired hardware responsibly, securely, and easily
        Recycle and dispose of hardware assets responsibly via Lenovo’s audited processing facilities.
        Learn more
      • Service lookup tools and warranty agreements
        Additional resources include: the Quick Pick tool for ThinkServer and Lenovo Storage, the Warranty Lookup tool, and Terms and Conditions of the Warranty Services for many countries.
        Learn more
      • Lenovo offers warranty upgrades, technical support, enterprise software support, and additional services to support your systems.
        Learn more
      • Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services is a best-of-all-worlds option that gives you the freedom to control your budget and business priorities, combined with peace of mind from the latest and most efficient hardware environments tailored to your specific business needs.
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      Why Choose Lenovo Data Center

      Global Reach

      Our innovation draws upon a world of knowledge, embracing worldwide collaboration to unlock new thinking and the flexibility to help you capitalize on today’s opportunities.

      Quality & Reliability

      Lenovo products are tested and proven to the highest standards. Designed for the most demanding applications and workloads.


      From innovation to design to components, Lenovo data center products yield top-tier performance ‐ so your enterprise can do the same.


      Lenovo employs the most stringent security requirements to help you keep your business safe and running - day after day - and keep your data protected.


      When you invest in a Lenovo data center product, expect maximum returns. Easy integration, flexible design, and scalable products ensure you get more for your money.

      Services & Support

      With Lenovo, you get more than a system. It’s a team committed to providing services where each interaction, at every phase of the IT lifecycle, gives you the power to innovate.

      Supply Chain

      No weak links in this chain. Industry-recognized, our global supply chain ensures our systems are pre-tested and pre-integrated, and reach you ready to deploy ‐ when you need them.

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