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      TruScale Infrastructure Services

      TruScale Infrastructure Services


      Pay-for-what-you-use data center

      Technology moves fast, making traditional IT hardware, software and support options a challenge for some companies and industries.

      Fortunately, there’s an easier way to meet your growing infrastructure needs: by eliminating the time commitments and large capital investments and offing a solution that’s as unique as your business.



      Our team of experts will design your system to your unique business requirements. We offer custom scoping, training, and even data and workload migration services so you can easily adjust as your needs evolve.


      Get the most out of your budget and stay ahead of capacity changes with our proprietary power and usage monitoring. There’s no minimum commitment from 0% to 100%, and the convenience of a monthly fee eliminates the burden of huge upfront expense.


      Ensure maximum up-time and ROI while freeing up your staff for more relevant needs. We handle deployment, offer 24/7 remote monitoring and data center management, and a dedicated long-term success partner handles your issues exclusively.

      Agile companies like yours are aligning to their overall growth and expense management goals. Here are five reasons why:

      Minimal up-front costs

      Not only do you get the latest industry-leading equipment without initial high investment, the fixed monthly cost reduces budget worries, offers tax benefits, and lets you allocate capital to bigger and better business priorities.

      Responds to your unique needs

      It’s easy to add incremental capacity based on the changing market and your evolving needs. You can always upgrade hardware during your contract term to meet changing business goals, too.

      Reduces risk

      Lenovo owns the deployment and installation of your assets, speeding time to value and freeing up internal IT resources for higher-priority projects. You get the ability to make your own decisions about balancing cost and flexibility.

      On-premises peace of mind

      Say goodbye to Cloud security worries with physical on-premises security and control of your capacity and company data. You own the security policy at the application layer and above, ensuring consistent (and ultimate) control of your environment.

      Maintenance, support, and management included

      Focus on your business instead of worrying about hardware monitoring requirements, with a convenient, simple subscription and hassle-free hardware. Lenovo Professional Services experts proactively monitor your system to ensure maximum uptime.

      More about TruScale Infrastructure Services


      Get to know TruScale

      What makes TruScale a pay-for-what-you-use data center solution? Distinguished Engineer Eric Kern shows how it works and what sets it apart from other solutions.

      TruScale at a glance


      TruScale at a glance

      The world has gone subscription. The data center is no different.

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      Resource Library

      Explore more

      Visit our resource library for access to additional content on Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services..


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